New Release Spotlight! Uncharted Freedom, Book 9 in Keely Brooke Keith’s Uncharted Series

The latest in one of my favorite series: The Uncharted. Escape to a land unknown.

Book Description

Naomi McIntosh is running from her family’s oppressive expectations and the loathsome man her father has demanded she marry. Renaming herself to live incognito, she takes a housekeeping job at the Inn at Falls Creek and promises God this false identity will be her last.

When shepherd James Roberts goes home to the Inn at Falls Creek for his sister’s wedding, he doesn’t expect the woman who once broke his heart to be working there. No matter how much he wants to be with Naomi again, he can’t go along with her charade, especially since he is trying to persuade his father to make him the inn’s heir.

Though Naomi yearns for a future with James, if she confesses her deception to everyone, her estranged fiancé will find her. And the longer James goes without telling his family the truth about Naomi—and their growing relationship—the further he jeopardizes the inheritance. But just when their relationship looks promising, the inn proves to be a poor hiding place from Naomi’s past.

Meanwhile, in Good Springs…
Connor Bradshaw wrestles with the overseers’ decision to preserve the Land’s pacifist ways. His desire to build a defense system for the Land keeps him up at night, secretly scanning for radio transmissions from the warring outside world. His training to be a village overseer will require him to lay down his weapons, but a voice over the radio waves ignites his worst fears.

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The Uncharted series:
#1 The Land Uncharted
#2 Uncharted Redemption
#3 Uncharted Inheritance
#4 Christmas with the Colburns
#5 Uncharted Hope
#6 Uncharted Journey
#7 Uncharted Destiny
#8 Uncharted Promises
#9 Uncharted Freedom

The Uncharted Beginnings series:
#1 Aboard Providence
#2 Above Rubies
#3 All Things Beautiful

About the Author

Keely Brooke Keith writes inspirational frontier-style fiction with a futuristic twist, including The Land Uncharted (Shelf Unbound Notable Romance 2015) and Aboard Providence (2017 INSPY Awards Longlist).

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely was a tree-climbing, baseball-loving 80s kid. She grew up in a family who moved often, which fueled her dreams of faraway lands. When she isn’t writing, Keely enjoys teaching home school lessons and playing bass guitar. Keely, her husband, and their daughter live on a hilltop south of Nashville, Tennessee.

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New Release Spotlight! To Love a Prince, Contemporary Christian Romance from Rachel Hauck

New Release Spotlight Driftwood Dreams (2)

This week’s new release spotlight is To Love a Prince, an enchanting new royal romance from New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck.

Book Description

Daffodil Caron is not a princess, even though she once dreamed of being one. After all, she grew up as a playmate to royal princes, running through the halls of Perrigwynn Palace and dining with the queen. But the day she stumbled upon a royal secret, everything changed.

Flash forward eighteen years, and Daffy’s living a sweet, non-royal life. A skilled art curator for the Royal Trust, she has friends, a flat in the heart of the city, and a handsome, successful fiancée. The last person on her mind is Gus, a prince she once called her best mate.

HRH Prince Augustus is no longer “Prince Pudgy,” as caricaturized by the press, he’s charming and gorgeous, possessing a world-famous smile. But when he’s jilted at the altar by an American heiress as millions of people around the world watched, the spare heir to Lauchtenland’s ancient House of Blue escapes, finding solace on a Florida beach.

A year as a regular bloke allows him to rethink his purpose. He’s half decided his calling is to pour pints at a tiki bar, rather than serving his country and the Family.

Until an accident on the beach with a Frisbee changes his course.

Despite his long hair and beard, Daffy recognizes her prince, and their childhood friendship is renewed. She assures Gus Lauchtenland needs him, giving him the courage to return home.

When Daffy and Gus find themselves on assignment to Hadsby Castle in preparation for his brother’s wedding, their friendship blooms into affection.

But Gus cannot, will not, trust his heart again. Daffy’s engaged. And she also remains a royal family outcast because she knows the Queen’s secret.

When affection grows into love and secrets are exposed, trust is destroyed. Gus must choose which is stronger: the lies of his past or the hope of his future. And Daffy must face every fear to prove she will forever love a prince.

“Another compelling royal story by the master of princely tales!” — Susan May Warren, USA Today bestselling, RITA award-winning novelist

To Love a Prince

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About the Author

Rachel Hauck, Author

Rachel Hauck is the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestselling author of The Wedding Dress, which was also named Inspirational Novel of the Year by Romantic Times and was a RITA finalist. Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband and pet and writes from her ivory tower.

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New Release Spotlight! Catching the Cowboy, Western Romance by Shanna Hatfield

New Release Spotlight Driftwood Dreams (1)

She’s fresh out of jail . . .

He’s fresh out of luck.

Spoiled billionaire heiress Emery Brighton indulges in one mimosa too many, attempts to steal a horse, and winds up in jail. A sentence of community service leaves her at the mercy of strangers on a remote ranch near a small town in Oregon. Adjusting to country life is hard enough, but she has no idea how to handle her growing affection for a surly cowboy and his adorable daughter.

Steady and dependable as the day is long, rancher Hudson Cole just wants to raise his little girl and be left alone. When his grandmother invites a lawbreaker dressed in Louis Vuitton to Summer Creek Ranch, Hud is convinced Grammy has lost her ever-loving mind. Determined to detest Emery, he instead finds himself doing the one thing he vowed would never happen again: falling in love.

With one foot out the door, will love be enough to convince Emery to stay?

This sweet romance offers a funny, delightful happily ever after adventure in a quirky small town. One-click to read about a meandering goat named Ethel, meddling matchmakers, and a community that feels like home in a story filled with heart, humor, and hope.


Catching Cowboy


About the Author

Shanna HatfieldUSA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield is a farm girl who loves to write. Her sweet historical and contemporary romances are filled with sarcasm, humor, hope, and hunky heroes. When Shanna isn’t dreaming up unforgettable characters, twisting plots, or covertly seeking dark, decadent chocolate, she hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.


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New Release Spotlight! Summer at Christmas Inn, a Sweet Romance Read

New Release Spotlight Summer at Christmas Inn

Two wandering souls.
An unexpected stay.
Is fate determined to bring them together?

Blossom has no room for love in her life. In fact, she’d pretty much given up on her fairytale ending after a car accident put her in a wheelchair five years ago. But with her brother’s upcoming wedding, she can’t help but wonder if maybe she’s ready to start searching. 

Maybe there is someone who could see past the wheels and see only…her. 

Carter lives a fast paced life. As New York’s up-and-coming lawyer, having his car breakdown in the middle of Massachusetts was the last thing he needed. And a stay at a place called Christmas Inn? Nope. 

But, with no other options, he reluctantly books a room. 

When the sweet, quirky room manager catches his eyes, he can’t help but feel the desire to slow down. Especially when her son just won’t leave him alone, or when Blossom seems to be seeking the one thing he didn’t know he wanted.


Dive into the second romance at Christmas Inn, Summer at Christmas Inn where love overcomes all obstacles.

Summer at Christmas Inn

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About the Author

Anne-Marie Meyer, author

Anne-Marie Meyer lives south of the Twin Cities in MN. She spends her days with her knight in shining armor, four princes, and a baby princess. When she’s not running after her kids, she’s dreaming up romantic stories. She loves to take her favorite moments in the books and movies she loves and tries to figure out a way to make them new and fresh. Join her newsletter at

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Christmas Countdown Book Blast! “Special Delivery: A Fake Fiance,” Contemporary Christian Romance from Didi Lawson

37 Christmas Reads to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Welcome to my annual Christmas Countdown Book Blast! During the month of December, I indulge in reading my favorite fiction: Christmas stories! So for the entire month and for The Twelve Days of Christmas, December 25 through January 6th, I will post a new book each day to help get you in the holiday spirit. That’s 37 books!  This is a combination of New Release Spotlights and the Christmas Countdown Blitz hosted by the lovely ladies at Loving the Book.  In addition, I’m offering free downloads of my Christmas short story Ino’s Love in ebook and audio. To claim your digital copy visit the book’s download page here. For an audiobook copy send me an email at indicating whether you want a US or UK download code. Either way, you’ll be subscribing to my monthly newsletter where I feature book news and giveaways. You’re free to unsubscribe at any time. Happy holiday reading!

Day Three, Book Three

Special DeliveryErin O’Neal loves Christmas, except not this year because she’ll be all alone for the holidays. To make matters worse, she receives a dog as an early Christmas present, but cannot keep it. The man who delivers the dog is the snob who has embarrassed her in public a few days ago.

When the snob, a handsome veterinarian, injures his ankle and needs someone to drive him home to Prescott for the holidays, Erin is available. Getting to know him better, she falls in love with him. There are only two obstacles: his girlfriend and her own dog phobia.


 While she still pondered the question of the elusive gift giver, she heard tires screeching out in the parking lot. “Crazy driver,” she mumbled as she turned her attention back to the Christmas tree. She might as well put on the lights. If someone should come by to claim it, he or she would have a ready-made tree. In the meantime, she could enjoy it.

A short time later, her doorbell rang. Hmm. She didn’t expect anyone, except perhaps the owner of the tree.

The light string dropped to the floor as Erin hurried to open the door. “P—P–Pierre,” she stuttered, but stopped short when she saw a small dog cradled in his arms and blood on his hands. She gasped.

“I need your help,” he said as he made his way to the kitchen. “Could you clear the table, please? Quick.”

“What do you need to do?” she asked.

“Laceration,” he said. “I need your help. Wash your hands with soap and hot water and bring some towels.” As an afterthought, he said, pointing to a box of latex gloves. “Put on the gloves when you come back.”

“W-what happened?”

“I’ll tell you later. Now hurry.”

Another look at the poor animal laying on her kitchen table with blood oozing out of an ugly tear in its side, Erin’s stomach revolted. With her hand pressed over her mouth, she turned on her heels and made it to the bathroom in time. Her insides felt like mush, and she wanted nothing more than to run away and forget the scene from her kitchen. Yet, Pierre had said he needed her.

After a few deep breaths, her stomach settled somewhat. She washed her hands thoroughly and grabbed a few towels from the linen closet before venturing back to the kitchen. As she approached, she heard the little dog whimper in pain. Her heart lurched and pounded against her chest. Poor little fellow.

Pierre held the animal in place with one hand while trying to open his bag. When he saw her, he motioned for her to come closer. “Gloves,” he commanded. That done, he said, “Hold the animal steady while I prepare the anesthesia.”

Erin took a few hesitant steps.

“You can talk to him to keep him calm,” said Pierre.

She laid a hand on the dog’s head. “You’re such a sweet dog. I’m sorry, you’re hurt but the doctor will help you feel better soon.”

As soon as Erin glanced at the open wound, her stomach churned.

“Don’t look if the sight of blood makes you feel queasy.”

She nodded and looked away.

“Take a deep breath. Alright, now hold him still while I give him the shot. It’ll only take a split second.”

Erin looked at the syringe, saw Pierre spritz a tiny amount of liquid into the air before lowering it to apply the anesthesia to the dog’s neck. She squeezed her eyes shut and held on to the dog.

“You can open your eyes now,” said Pierre with a chuckle in his voice. “The deed is done.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“First, I need to shave around the wound.”

“Won’t that hurt?”

“He won’t feel anything.”

Pierre shaved the area around the wound before he debrided the skin. Several times, Erin turned her head to avoid looking at the exposed flesh. When her stomach tried to revolt, she took a few deep breaths to suppress the urge. Once or twice, Pierre looked up but didn’t say anything.

With the area around the wound clean, he took a tweezer-like instrument out of his bag to work on the fleshy part.

He pointed to a stack of gauze pads. “While I clean the wound, I need you to gently dab away any blood or fluid that may ooze out. Once the wound is clean, I’ll pull the skin together and suture the laceration shut.”

Pierre bent over the wound when his hand accidentally brushed her arm. Immediately, a tingling sensation like an electric current raced down her arm, creating a warm feeling throughout her whole body. Her heart skipped a beat only to hammer against her chest with renewed force.

When she closed her eyes for a split second to gain control over her feelings, Pierre’s command, “Dab,” pulled her out of her emotional confusion. With tweezers in hand, he removed small particles of skin and dirt, and Erin watched closely to be ready with the gauze before he even had a chance to call her to action again.

Before long, the wound looked clean. He put the instruments aside and pulled a vacuum-sealed pouch out of his bag containing the items for the suture.

Erin watched his confident movements, his concentration, but also his gentle touch. She admired his athletic physique, his muscular arms and lithe figure, but even more his expertise as a vet. Jess was right. He is quite a handsome specimen.

When he was almost done, Erin heard voices outside her front door. She looked up, puzzled.

“The boy and his mother,” explained Pierre.

“What boy?”

“The owner of the dog.”

“Why didn’t you have them wait in here?”

“The boy is only about six years old and I didn’t want him to see all the blood and gore. He was devastated when he watched his pet being hit by a car. I told them to wait in the stairwell.”

“Do you want them to come in now?”

“Let’s give the dog a few minutes to wake up. In the meantime, I’ll clean up here.”

While Erin took the towels to the clothes hamper, Pierre stuffed his tools back into his bag.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a box big enough to make a carrying case for the dog?”

Her gaze went to the Christmas tree in the living room and the boxes underneath it. The bigger one would make a perfect bed for the animal. She pointed to it. “Would that one work?” she asked.

“Perfect.” He went to retrieve it. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I’m glad to see you finally invited Christmas into your apartment.”

She laughed. “My secret Santa brought the tree and the decorations.”

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About the Author

Didi Lawson exchanged her town car for a pick-up truck and learned to operate a tractor when she and her husband moved from Arizona to a farm in  Missouri where she now weaves her tales. Her love for writing started early in  life when  she entertained her friends with her stories, won prizes for he essays in high school and wrote road shows and poems for the youth group in her church. She enjoys the outdoors, her children and ten grandchildren, and keeps an active social calendar.

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New Release Spotlight Liwen Ho “A Single Spark: A Christian Contemporary Romance (The Spark Brothers Book 4)”


AtFIrst SparkHe’s a tender-hearted firefighter who’s been burned by love.

She’s an optimistic bookstore owner determined to heal his heart.

Little do they know how much sacrifice it will take for them to be together.

Firefighter Darren Spark doesn’t think twice about risking it all when it comes to his job, but he’s not about to put his heart on the line for love. He’s accepted the fact that no woman will want him when he can’t promise them a future …until he meets the one who challenges that belief.

Abandoned as a baby, Danica Reed longs to fill in the missing pieces of her past with a family of her own. She’s more than ready to get married and have kids, but she wonders why the perfect man—who’s just as into her and wants the same things—keeps taking one step forward in their relationship, then two steps back.

Darren won’t let himself hope for more; Danica won’t settle for less. But there’s one obstacle they can’t seem to overcome. Will the spark that drew them to each other be enough to keep their love burning or will their short-lived romance go down in flames

Please note this book deals sensitively with the topic of male infertility.

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About the Author

Liwen HoLiwen Y. Ho works as a chauffeur and referee by day (AKA being a stay at home mom) and an author by night. She writes sweet and inspirational contemporary romance infused with heart, humor, and a taste of home (her Asian roots). In her pre-author life, she received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary, and she loves makeovers of all kinds, especially those of the heart and mind. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her techie husband and their two children, and blogs about her adventures as a recovering perfectionist at

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