Christmas Countdown Book Blast! “The Miracle of Joie,” an Elfin Holiday Romance from Betsy Love

37 Christmas Reads to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Welcome to my annual Christmas Countdown Book Blast! During the month of December, I indulge in reading my favorite fiction: Christmas stories! So for the entire month and for The Twelve Days of Christmas, December 25 through January 6th, I will post a new book each day to help get you in the holiday spirit.  This is a combination of New Release Spotlights and the Christmas Countdown Blitz hosted by the lovely ladies at Loving the Book.  In addition, I’m offering free downloads of my Christmas short story Ino’s Love in ebook and audio. To claim your digital copy visit the book’s download page here. For an audiobook copy send me an email at indicating whether you want a US or UK download code. Either way, you’ll be subscribing to my monthly newsletter where I feature book news and giveaways. You’re free to unsubscribe at any time. Happy holiday reading! 

Day Nine, Book Nine



Joie, an over-confident rookie elf, is on her first assignment.

Miracle of Joie

It’s one week before Christmas, and she must find a mother for eight-year-old Emily. Not an easy task, since Emily’s grieving father, Matt, is not ready for marriage. He’s still bitter about the accident that killed his wife and handicapped his daughter.

When events turn Joie into a human, she loses her magic and must use her ingenuity to heal the broken family. How could falling love be the answer?


Smoke still poured out the door and rose into the evening sky. “Don’t worry, I put the fire out. It’s going to be alright.”

A man walking his dog stopped. “Are you girls all right?”

Emily nodded and pointed to Joie. “She stopped the fire.”

“Where’s your dad?” the man asked.

“He’s on a not-date.” Emily looked as if she was about to be carted away and put in jail. It wasn’t Emily’s fault the kitchen caught on fire. Joie alone held that responsibility. If she’d just done what Matt had asked, they wouldn’t be in this horrible predicament.

“A not-date? What is that?” The man eyed them both.

Joie bit her lip before answering. “It’s where a woman insists on going out for a drink. The man agrees. And hopefully, they find enough interest in each other that he asks her out on a real date.”

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About the Author

Betsy Love has loved to write from the moment she could hold a pen and has been creating stories ever since she was in elementary school. Her high school creative writing teacher told her that one day she would be published. When not sitting at her computer pouring her heart and soul into her novels, she loves going to her mountain property for inspiration and to escape the desert heat. She loves spending time with her family. At last count she has 20 grandchildren, has given up on gardening. If she had a horse, she might give up writing.

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