The 12 Days of Christmas Book Blast! Day 6: “For the Love of Christmas”

12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to The 12  Days of Christmas Book Blast! Each day through January 6th I’m featuring a Christmas-themed book from an author at Clean Indie Reads. All titles are considered “flinch-free,” meaning you don’t have to worry about overt sexuality, violence, and questionable language, and can feel comfortable sharing them with your friends and family. You’re sure to find enough new titles to fill your Kindle for winter or use up that Amazon gift card Santa left in your stocking. And be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any posts! Merry Christmas!

Today’s Featured Book

for the love of chirstmas

For the Love of Christmas

By Starla Huchton

Meri Klaus has one job: choose the next Santa. The problem? No one in the northern climes is suitable for the title. As the daughter of Santa Claus, it’s up to her to keep the family business going. When Dad comes down with a case of polar flu, the whole world needs a stand-in, or Christmas won’t be coming this year. So what’s a gal to do?

Brett Dunning lost his holiday spirit seven years ago when childbirth took his wife on Christmas Eve. His daughter Holly might light up his life, but no amount of begging will get him to deck the halls.

With three short weeks to go, Meri doesn’t have much time to find a Mr. Claus, but when an old college friend requires a helping hand, she meets a man who needs a dose of holiday hope as much as she does. Meri finds herself set on Brett, but how much mistletoe will it take to thaw his frozen heart?

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