Christmas Books All Month Long! Day 18: “One Winter Night”


It’s the Christmas season! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to curl up with a Christmas-themed book, a steaming cup of tea, and a seat. I can’t send you tea and cookies, but I can send you some great book suggestions. Throughout the month I’ll be featuring DOZENS of books. Load that Kindle! It’s going to be a long winter!

Today’s featured book is One Winter Night by Heather Tullis. This selection comes from the lovely ladies at Lovin’ The Book’s Christmas Countdown. Don’t miss the giveaway at the end! I’ll be hosting this Christmas Countdown through December 23rd, followed by my Twelve Days of Christmas Book Blast starting December 26th through January 6th.

One winter night

About the Book: Jonah Owens thought moving to Echo Ridge to open his art gallery would solve all of his problems. The need to sell his grandma’s house adds an unexpected complication. It would be easier if his neighbor didn’t have all those farm animals.

Kaya Feidler’s family has owned their land for nearly a hundred years–long before the neighbors were there. There’s no way she’s giving up the animal therapy business she’s been struggling to make profitable. She gets a temp job helping Jonah in the gallery.

Spending time together is a recipe for romance, but can they overcome their own hangups to be more than friends?

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About the Author

TullisHeather Tullis has been reading romance for as long as she can remember and has been publishing in the genre since 2009. She has published more than twenty books.

When she’s not dreaming up new stories to write, or helping out with her community garden, she enjoys playing with her dogs and cat, cake decorating, trying new jewelry designs, inventing new ways to eat chocolate, and hanging out with her husband.

Learn more about her and sign up for her newsletter on her website.

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Author’s Top Ten List:

1) I’m the second of six kids

2) The last four pets that we’ve adopted have been named (or renamed) after some kind of sweet food.

3) I have never broken a bone.

4) I wrote many a scene in the back of an ambulance when I was an EMT.

5) At one time I had about 150 poultry in my back yard: chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, guineas, and even a few quail.

6) I really miss having chickens.

7) I don’t have a middle name.

8) My husband and I lived in a travel trailer for a full year.

9) I could mix paint, cut glass for windows, and install tile all before I graduated from high school.

10) Twice I’ve written 20,000 words in a single day–that’s about 60 pages.

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